Here Are Some Tips For Renters From Other Renters

For now its an ad-hoc collection that renters have contributed to this site.

We believe its important for renters to have as much information as possible. After all, renting a place of your own is one of the biggest monthly expenses. From our own experience, using a broker (someone supposably knowledgeable in the real estate) leads to wasted time looking at crummy, overpriced apartments. Often, brokers would ask "How do you want to spend?" and, after hearing our figure, would reply "Thatís not enough, you will never find a nice apartment for so little". SavvyRent is free for anyone to use and all we ask for is for our users to share their rent information so that the next person can make a better, educated decision on what they should pay.
Do not sign a 12-month lease if you don't plan on paying the rent for the entire period, do not sign a lease that has an automatic renewal, be aware of when you need to give notice for renewal, make sure your lease requires the landlord to provide you adequate notice before entering the premise for non-emergencies.
Always carefully read your lease before signing. This is a legally binding agreement and you could be liable for the duration of the lease. Always confirm the lease term and rent rate. Also, any information regarding commissions/fees and security deposits should also be confirmed.